all models factory fresh ex shop stock....!!!!


No. name of model color and variation price in Euro
Y-2B Renault metallic green, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 50
Y-3B Benz Limousine lt. green body, chartreuse roof, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 70
Y-4C Opel white body, FACTORX FRESH BOX!!! 70
Y-5B 4 1/2 Litre Bentley green body,"5" decals, FACTORY FRESH BOX 60
Y-6C Cadillac dark gold body, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!!! 60
Y-7C Rolls Royce silver body, smooth red roof!!, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 90
Y-8B Sunbeam Motorcycle silver plated body,dark green seat 120
Y-9B Simplex yellow-green body, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 60
Y-10B Mercedes Benz 36/220 white body, red seats, FACTORY FRESH BOX!! 95
Y-11B Paccard red body, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 65
Y-12B Thomas Flyabout metallic blue body, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 65
Y-13B Daimler yellow body, maroon seats, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 70
Y-14B Maxwell Roadster turquoise body, black roof, FACTORY FRESH BOX!!! 60
Y-16A Spyker dark yellow body, green seats, FACTORY FRESH BOX!! 95