Gift Sets

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ps-5gr.jpg (42895 Byte)

very rare early Presentation Set No.5

---Army Transport Set---

G3-agross.jpg (86382 Byte)

      a rare early Gift Set G3 Building Constructor's Set

in superb condition

g3-bgr.jpg (48904 Byte)

G-3 Farm & Agricultural Set

the only one set with both, King's and Major's

g4a.jpg (96810 Byte)

the very rare G-4 Grand Prix Set in factory fresh condition

I'm very proud about this set!!!

g9-agr.jpg (42716 Byte)

G-9    Major Pack Set

a lovely set with interesting models!!!

g1-cgr.jpg (40690 Byte)

G-1   Service Station Set

contains the rare MB 56B Fiat 1500 with red body!!!

G6-2gross.jpg (58229 Byte) G-6   Commercial Truck Set

contains only "normal" models

g4bgross.jpg (80349 Byte) G-4Grand Prix Set

contains rare variants and 2 models with roof racks

g6-bgr.jpg (51259 Byte)

G-6   Commercial Truck Set

contains 8 "normal " Regulars